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Training Highlights

MSAR maintains our skills with weekly organized rides, twice monthly MSAR trainings, and regularly scheduled Interagency Search and Rescue Excersises (SAREX).


Check out some of the ways we have expended our knowledge!

Equine Scent Detection

  • Horses are natural scenters (to avoid predators) 

  • They scent from the ground to 6 feet high

  • Dogs are better when there’s ground foliage

  • On a search, horses are not looking for persons; they are looking for a scent/odor

Helicopter Training

Helicopters are sometimes utilized to evacuate injured subjects from remote locations. Our horses need exposure while in a calm setting so they are not spooked when they see them in the field. Med Evac provides helicopter education and desensitization training for our horses and riders.

Interagency Search and Rescue Exercises

Annual SAREX's are held so that all four volunteer agencies who assist Boulder County Emergency Services can train together on large scale scenarios.

Night Rides

Many of our call-outs for lost persons occur in the evening or night. Our horses and riders need exposure through night ride trainings so that we're better prepared for real world challenges.