On December 30, 2021, Boulder County Mounted Search and Rescue was deployed to help save animals who were trapped or set loose and running free due to the devastatingly fast-moving Marshall Fire. 

With the courageous help of multiple organizations and individuals, we were able to rescue many horses, mini horses, a mini donkey, chickens and ducks.

If you feel moved to help us with a donation, however large or small, we'd be most grateful. Your contribution will support our efforts in the aiding and rescuing of humans and animals alike. 

For those who would like to help but cannot afford a monetary donation, we are in need of spare halters (all sizes including draft, mini and alpaca), lead ropes, headlamps, pack saddles and panniers, or services like pro bono vehicle and trailer maintenance. 

Thank you for your kindness...

A shout-out to

Pippa May, Natalie Schaefer and Lone Hawk Farm for the donation of halters and lead ropes!


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Boulder County Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) is a volunteer group of horsemen and women under the direction of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The volunteer MSAR team was organized in 1997 to serve as a search and rescue function and to create positive public relations within the community. On January 1, 1998, MSAR signed an agreement with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and the County Emergency Services Director that outlined the rules of engagement for volunteer Mounted Search and Rescue activities.

The Emergency Services Unit of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office now provides administrative assistance to MSAR members and BCSO volunteers in the form of training and administrative services such as insurance, paging and financial support.

MSAR Responders perform the following functions:

  1. Wilderness, rural and urban searches for missing/lost persons.

  2. Evidence searches.

  3. Disaster response ground teams and manpower assistance.

  4. Mounted perimeter patrol for large restricted SAR access areas.

  5. Pack equipment into an incident.

  6. Animal evacuation during disasters.

  7. Be a positive public relations tool within the community.

  8. Meet other needs the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office might have where MSAR

    skills and capabilities may be of assistance.


We, the members of Boulder County Mounted Search and Rescue, as volunteers of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, ride to serve. It is our sincere goal to be of value to the Sheriff’s Department and community. To this end we commit to the performance of our functions in a safe and positive manner.

If you are interested

in joining our team,

please contact us.



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